Welcome to Star FM Community Radio!

Star FM is a not-for-profit Community Radio Station situated on the beautiful East Coast of Tasmania. Our broadcast area covers from Scottsdale North East, St. Helens and outlying areas, including Scamander, St. Marys, Falmouth in our central area to Bicheno, and Swansea in the south. Detailed listening areas can be found here “Our Listening Area” We present Adult Contemporary music from the 1960′s through to the current music of today. Plus,with our Specialty shows in the evenings we can boast that we cater for every taste and age group. Glad to have you as a listener! “Program Guide”

Why You Should Listen To STAR FM


Star FM has a large music base of over 700,000 thousand songs and each announcer is unique to their own show. There is no station playlist so you won’t hear the same music over and over. Every program is unique and different.

Specialty programs:

These programs are based around a certain theme IE: Music Genre, Year “1990″.

General Programs:

These programs have no real theme; they are generally music picked by the announcer as the show goes on. This is considered Adult Contemporary music from the 1960’s to current hits.


Many Announcers are happy to take requests but songs will only be played if announcers are taking requests at the time and if we have the song in our database and there is sufficient time and it fits with the timeslot.


Keep up to date – National News at the top of the hour, Local and State-wide News 3 times a day

Weather & Conditions::

Be aware of what’s happening now – Our announcers read the Weather, Road Conditions, Boating Forecast for the local area as well as talking to the lovely people at the Bureau of Meteorology. Tasmania Police and the Tasmanian Fire Service send us any warning or announcement notices which immediately go to air.


Community Events and information

We keep you informed about local happenings by Star FM regularly announcing and promoting community events and organizations with-in our broadcast area. STAR FM offers the only free on-air lost dog/property service for the East Coast


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Star FM runs various competitions through-out the year including “The Lucky $5” where you have the chance to win cash just by shopping at our sponsor’s shops.