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All announcers at STAR FM are volunteers.

Becoming a volunteer announcer is a fun and rewarding experience. You learn new skills and become part of a great team that provides an entertaining and informative service to the community.

You must be at least 16 years of age, and no previous experience is necessary as full in-house training is provided, together with regular skill/technique updates.

Although all sponsorship and community announcements are scripted and scheduled for you, STAR FM does not pre-program music. Within the defined style, “music from the late 1960’s to current date”, announcers may select their own music. You may choose from our extensive CD library, use some of your own CD’s or choose from over 30,000 songs listed on computer. We regularly receive new release material and all announcers have the opportunity to preview new music in our second studio.

There are two options available for volunteer announcers, although it is recommended that all announcers start with base announcing:

Base Announcing: During the hours of 6am to 6pm weekdays, and 8am to 8pm on weekends, STAR FM plays “adult contemporary” music (defined as music from the late 1960’s up to and including current release material). Therefore, a broad knowledge of music from this era is definitely advantageous.

Specialty Programs: If you prefer a specific genre of music that does not fit the above category, you may apply for a specialty program. Our specialty programs are played on weeknights from 6-9pm and late spots may be considered after 8pm on weekends. New applications for specialty programs are welcomed for consideration by the Programming Committee. Applications may be obtained from the Station Manager during the hours 9-3, Monday to Friday.

What skills are required of Volunteer Announcers?

Although full training is provided, there are some basic requirements necessary to become a Volunteer Announcer:

  • Knowledge of a broad range of music from late 1960’s to current date;
  • A strong, clear voice;
  • Confident articulation;
  • An entertaining voice and personality;
  • Excellent reading skills;
  • Basic computer skills; and
  • The ability to operate a CD player and other basic sound equipment.

If you are accepted for training as a Volunteer Announcer, you will be required to sign a Volunteer Announcer Agreement and learn and understand Station Policies (copies of which are provided with your Training Manual). In return for your in-house training, you must commit to at least one announcer shift per week for a minimum period of three months.

After a period of three months, your progress is assessed and, if acceptable standards maintained, you are issued with a Certificate of Competency as a Community Broadcaster.

It’s easy and fun and you will be supported and encouraged by a great team.

If volunteer announcing appeals to you, please contact Blitz or Laura to arrange an interview.

Contact details:
Postal Address: PO Box 317 St Helens TAS 7216 Australia
Ph -(03)63761306