The first thing we all want to know about Skuter is, where did the name Skuter come from? “When I was in Albury I used to play tennis and on the rosters they used to put your Christian name followed by the first initial of your surname, so mine was Sue K. However, in our roster, there were two Sue Ks, so I decided to change my name round and use the first initial of my Christian name and my full surname, so I became S. Kuter, which, if you run it together becomes Skuter (pronounced Scooter). Further to that, when Skuter started volunteering with Star FM, there were also two Sues on air, herself and Tassie Sue, so it made sense for our Sue to stick with her alter ego, Skuter.

Having said that, Skuter is not really Sue’s alter ego. On and off air, Skuter prefers music genres which use proper words, have no swearing, songs that you can sing to, music which is nice and not heavy or hip hoppy. Although that may rule out some popular music of today, it doesn’t rule out all and there is a lot of scope to play tracks which fit into adult contemporary, classic, are a bit older and across the board. Skuter’s aim is “Try and please some of the people most of the time.”

Skuter has been involved with Star FM since moving to Tasmania in 2003 when she heard an on-air ad calling for volunteer announcers. She now has one time slot each week, 9am to midday every Tuesday alternating with Brendan. In addition, if the station needs a fill in announcer, Skuter is keen to help, as long as it fits in with her other voluntary roles as treasurer and driver for St Helens Community Car and volunteer ambulance officer with Tas Ambulance Service. But the role she loves most is caring for her granddog, Winnie, the golden retriever. Sue and her husband are only meant to be looking after Winnie short term, however, it doesn’t sound like they want to give her back!